My journey...

I was born in Latvia in 1978. Still a part of the Soviet Union back then, but I was a teenager when Latvia regained its independence and I gained access to everything that the free world had to offer. I studied journalism and cinema theory. I worked as a TV producer and unit production manager in a film studio and gained a lot of experience organizing festivals and events. Latvian traditional culture and historical reconstruction became my hobbies and through them I developed an interest in a new hobby - recreating historical glass beads, which led to my current profession – a lamp work artist. My passion for the history of glass beads from Roman and Viking times encouraged me to try the blowtorch and now my replicas of historical glass beads have even been exhibited in museums. Apart from historical research, I enjoy following my inspiration wherever it leads, encouraging me to take on new technical challenges. I live in Estonia now with my lovely family, and my own glass studio in the heart of the Old Town of Tallinn. I can’t imagine ever not making glass beads and I hope that my beads can bring joy and inspiration to you too.

My Mission

I was told once “You might think that you’re the one choosing glass as your medium, but it is actually the glass choosing you.”

I’ve been very lucky to be chosen and to still have my whole life ahead of me to keep exploring this magical medium called glass…

My Approach

I’m  spellbound by the magic of flowing glass. I’ve been trying to get closer to this medium for more than a decade now and the fruits of this exploration are my handmade glass beads.

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